Surface Supplied Diving method where the breathing mix is supplied to the diver directly from the surface by a hose, part of the diver's umbilical. The decompression takes place partially or totally in the water during the diver's return to surface.

Bell diving

Diving method where the breathing mix is supplied to the bell from the surface by umbilical. The diver(s) is supplied with it from the bell by diver's umbilical.

Water. sanitation and desalination

Our Company regularly works on the outfalls and submerged pipes of power stations; desalination plants; offshore structures, for installation (connection; trench; C.P.) or on rehabilitations, inspections.


Thank to years of activity for the main hydroelectric companies we have reliable mastery of all type of works related to cofferdam, grating, sediment removal, cutting, welding, interior survey, upgrading of frontals, treatment of cracks, seal water of cement grout or resin, demolition, anchoring, rope works...


Shore end cables

Over the years, Sumergia has developed a wealth of experience knowledge in the fields of survey, shore end installation support, protection on all types of soil condition; shallow water depth and all sizes of fibre optic and power cables.

Offshore platforms

Inspection, maintenance and repair work are one of the core activity of Sumergia aboard oil production or reservoir platforms. We carry out inspection and report by commercial divers or by ROV, marine growth removal, C.P. , rehabilitation, water intrusion survey (Grammacheck), silting of corrosion level, etc...

Harbour and civil works

These works are carried out in harbour, bridges or similar installation or consist in civil works, both under or above water, such as assistance in port building, docks, launch ramps, pile cleaning or rehabilitations installing buoys; cathodic protections, replacement of mooring equipments; removal of blocks and scalding, silting below docks, docks brancing and similar works.

Wreck cutting and raising

Refloating and raising, thermal cutting, dismantling.